The Solar Home Lighting kit constitutes of a solar panel which generates electricity from light, charge regulator which controls the amount of power entering and leaving the battery, solar battery which stores electricity generated by the solar panel, cables which transmit power from panel to battery for storage and from battery to various points of use (loads), switches/sockets which act as bridges between points of use and the rest of solar system.


The systems vary in sizes as follows but are not limited to:
40 watt systems: Consists of a 40 w panel, 40Ah battery, 4 lights, phone charging kit, wiring
60 watt systems: Consists of a 60 w panel, 70Ah battery, 5 lights, phone charging kit, wiring
120 watt systems: Consists of a 120 w panel, 100Ah battery, 6 lights, inverter, phone charging kit, wiring
200 watt systems: Consists of a 200 w panel, 200Ah battery, 7 lights, inverter, phone charging kit, wiring
Scode Enterprise uses an innovative solar technology that makes accessible lighting options for low-income households without access to electricity, combining solar energy and a suitable repayment scheme with mobile banking.
This combination makes it possible for consumers to use the system and pay for it monthly using mobile payment on their phones thereby circumventing the problem of high initial investment costs of solar home systems.


• Flexible mode of payment
• Free Installation Services
• Free maintenance for a year
• Technical support
• User education
• Warranty on all components

A number of solar appliances are available on request. These include: DC iron boxes, Mobile phone charging kits, etc
Scode Enterprise is also exploring a Pay as You Go model which will allow customers to access lighting options at low prices without necessarily acquiring a solar system. The smallest standard system will power 1-2 lights and a simple radio while the bigger standard system will run more lights, a colour television, plus a range of other low power household electrical appliances. Customized systems will be available on request and these will also run power-hungry equipment like refrigerators and water pumps. The installation will be done by qualified technicians to meet customers’ needs in line with quality standards set by Scode Enterprise. It is important that assessment is done by a qualified technician to determine the proper size according to clients’ needs and specifications.