SCODE ENTERPRISE promotes a wide range of energy saving cookstoves (jikos) that are designed to reduce on fuel-wood consumption when used properly .The stoves are made from long lasting materials, high quality workmanship and are well insulated to minimize heat losses and come with a 6-12 months guarantee. Because of these qualities, there is reduced drudgery that women go through when fetching firewood, women cook more with less fuel-wood, the stoves last longer and reduce fire accidents among men and women in kitchens.


Advantages of Buying a SCODE Improved Cook Stove


1. SCODE ENTERPRISE products are of high quality and are approved by Kenya Bureau of standards (KEBS)
2. You will save up to 50% of charcoal/ wood because of the insulation installed.
3. You will get a SIX to TWELVE (6 – 12) months warranty after purchase.
4. You will receive end user training on use and maintenance of the jiko after purchase.
5. You will reduce the incidences of fire accidents in your kitchen
6. When using the SCODE ENTERPRISE stoves, you will reduce smoke emissions in your kitchen compared to the traditional three stone fireplace.
7. After the warranty period, you will get after sales support and your jiko can be repaired at a very low cost.
8. A SCODE ENTERPRISE jiko will last for more than 4years when handled well.


Different Types (Below)


1. HECS Stove 


SCODE HECS  is a charcoal-burning stove specially designed to reduce charcoal consumption, carbon A monoxide emission and last longer.

SCODE HECS comes in 2 sizes; Medium (No11) & Large (No 12)



  •  EFFICIENT & saves on  Charcoal usage
  •  SAFE, easy to light, use and maintain,
  •  6 months WARRANTY




This is a highly efficient wood stove which can also use charcoal. It’s specially designed to reduce charcoal consumption, carbon monoxide emission and last longer

SCODE KUNIMBILI  comes in 2 sizes; Small & Large


  • EFFICIENT & saves on  Charcoal usage
  •  SAFE, easy to light, use and maintain,
  •  6 months WARRANTY




This is a single pot forced draft front loading concrete highly efficient cooking stove that has a fan that is powered by either solar, battery or electricity. The fan provides air for complete burning of fuelwood hence reducing smoke emissions.



• uses multiple fuels e.g. firewood, pellets, charcoal, dry maize cobs etc
• fitted with a solar or electrically powered (low consuming) fan
• saves up to 50% of the fuelwood.
• reduces smoke emissions by 60%

• Cooks faster than a normal stove
• comes with a 6 months WARRANTY





A natural draft micro gasifier stove with turboprop technology that burns any kind of biomass efficiently with little smoke. With self-propulsion capability resulting in a powerful draft, it can utilize all fuels fed from the side including firewood, charcoal, pellets, briquettes, dry maize combs etc.

  • Saves up to 50% of the fuelwood.
  • Reduced smoke emissions by 60%
  • Very easy to light
  • Cooks faster than a normal stove
  • 6 months warranty





This is a portable pottery cylinder (ceramic liner) that is installed by building a mud or concrete surrounding in the kitchen. It is suitable for use in households and institutions with a permanent fireplace.


  • easy to install and maintain
  • EASY to light
  • SAVES on fuelwood consumption
  • Produces less smoke
  • Safer and more efficient than the traditional 3 stone fire
  • Comes with a 6 months WARRANTY




A Rocket stove is a firewood burning stove. There are three types: Mud, mud-brick and cement brick rockets. It cooks faster, fairly affordable and environmentally friendly. The sizes vary with each household and/or institution.



• Saves on fuelwood consumption
• Easy to use and maintain
• Produces less smoke
• Easy to light
• Cooks faster
• Safe to use
• Long lasting
• 6 months warranty




These are highly efficient, large heavy duty cooking stoves that use firewood. They save on fuel costs, time and energy. Institutional stoves are suitable for schools, colleges and other places that require cooking and heating for many people from a central point. The stoves come in varying sizes complete with heavy duty stainless steel pot and chimney.



• Uses less fuel and cooks faster with reduced smoke
• Longlasting and less labor intensive
• 12 months warranty




This is an insulated basket that retains and conserves heat and completes cooking of precooked food.

Keeps cooked food warm for 2-3 hours as well as simmers steaming food until it’s completely cooked.
• Saves on time, energy and costs of buying fuelwood
• Easy to use and maintain
• Safe to use and does not burn food