Biogas typically refers to a gas produced by the biological breakdown of organic matter like animal dung, human waste, chicken droppings, swine waste etc. in the absence of oxygen (anaerobic digestion or fermentation)

Biogas comprises primarily methane (60-70%) and carbon dioxide (28-30%). Others include nitrogen, hydrogen, hydrogen sulfide and oxygen



  • Provides clean fuel for cooking, lighting and heating
  • Reduced indoor air pollution
  • Increased food productivity from bio-slurry
  • Improved soil conditioning
  • Long term operation

A number of Biogas appliances are available on request. These include: Burners, desulphirizers, pressure gauge, water heaters, generators, lamps etc.



A bio-latrine is a quick, easy to construct environment-friendly toilet that treats human waste biologically by destroying disease-causing micro-organisms and parasites and; converts the human excreta into safe to handle quality fertilizer for agricultural use and in the process generates combustible gas (biogas) which is used for cooking, heating and lighting. Bio-latrines are normally dry toilets and do not necessarily require water unless water is available for toiletry.


Where can it be installed?


Bio-latrines are best situated where there are many people sharing toilet facilities for example;
1. Learning institutions i.e. schools and colleges
2. Churches and Hospitals and
3. Large organizations


What are its major benefits?


1. Once the bio-latrine has been constructed it never fills thus saving space and saving the cost and hustle of constructing new latrines so often.
2. It generates combustible gas that can be used for cooking, lighting, heating, refrigeration, laboratory and electricity generation.
3. Improves hygiene and sanitation in institutions and the environment in general through waste management.
4. Bio-latrines transform the content of your latrine into a high-quality fertilizer.
5. Bio-latrines are without any risk for human being, animals and the environment (class 1 according to the EU standards).
6. Bio-latrines stabilizes the biological activity of the latrines.
7. Bio-latrines improves hygiene (Eliminates odor and flies).